Hey there! I'm Kristin. I'm a wife, mom to two boys, photographer, dancer, Jesus follower and food lover. I'm also a Ravenclaw. (Tell me, what house are you in??)

Other random tidbits: I LOVE Jane Austen, The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter (obvs...), Brandon Sanderson's Stormlight Archives, natural healing/medicine, growing things, romance, and adventures. 

AND parents, isn't this raising kids thing the hardest thing you've ever done? Yeah... I think so too. But I never knew I could love my kids this much. Also, I take WAY too many pictures of my boys. But it's necessary! I want to remember all the phases, all the faces, all the moments! My memory has never been so good, but ever since becoming a mom, I feel like it's a sieve. Photos bring me back. Capturing your life in photos is SO important. 

I am also passionate about printing pictures, and I strive to create a yearly album. Although, truth be told, I'm several years behind.... Okay... more than several. But it is high on my to-do list! I just take so many pictures and get so attached that my albums end up being the most pictures a company will print in one book. 

SO the point is, hire me to take your pictures but not to put together your albums! Right? Right!

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